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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why Consider Refurbished Laptops

Refurbished laptops are PCs that have been bought new by a consumer and has been used between 1 day and 3 months(depending on the store). The customer returns the laptop to the store for any number of reasons. At this time the store cannot sell it "as new". It must be returned to the original manufacturer for refurbishing- which means, "to make bright, or fresh again, renovate". Most stores offer a 30 day money back guarantee and within that time period is when most of the laptops are returned for a refund and sent back to the manufacturer. Thus refurbished laptops are born.

Refurbished laptops are not new, but the closest thing to it because most are within a couple of months old. Refurbished laptops will have fast processing speeds, mega system memory, newer Windows OS like XP and the most up to date technology.Big name companies like IBM, Dell, Compaq and others recondition notebook computers, but they don't put much effort into selling them. They focus on the new and latest technology computers and they spend a lot of money doing it. That's in part why new laptops cost more than refurbished.

By purchasing refurbished laptops one doesn't have to pay for the latest technology and the new price. Someone else already paid for that and you get some awesome savings. Savings of more than half off the original list price.When refurbished laptops are reconditioned by the original manufacturer by trained professionals it's easy to assume you are getting the best mobile computer in the world. Top quality craftsmanship and detailed work go into each laptop computer because the big name companies stake their reputations on their product, new or refurbished.Here's what you get when buying refurbished laptops: fast speed, loads of system memory, updated software like XP, DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drives, updated technology and a cheap price. Refurbished laptops offer so much for so little.

There is little need to worry about quality. Refurbished notebooks are tested and re-tested before leaving the shop. The technicians give each one a thorough test to make sure it functions as new.Refurbished laptops have been around for a long time and will remain so because people everywhere are catching on to the incredible savings. The need for a laptop is almost endless, but you can connect to the internet from almost anywhere, they replace big bulky equipment with lightweight equipment, take them to work, school or play. Imagine doing your homework at the beach, or doing your job at the park. Laptop computers make this possible and refurbished laptops enable great savings and value.

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