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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Laptops (Battery vs clockspeed issues)

Laptops, the portable equivalent of your desktop personal computers seem to be gaining popularity in the present era. Few years ago they used to come at a sizable price and are only affordable by those business persons who can’t do anything without a computer while traveling. They are also bulky and slow as compared to the now days laptop computers. The new age laptops are faster, more portable, lighter and cheaper than the laptops in the early times.

Many companies start producing Laptop like Dell, Hp, Toshiba, HCL, Compaq and many more. The competition with in these companies helps in faster growth in the technology of Laptops and also bring a huge cutout in their prices. As a result of low price and advanced features the demand of notebook pcs is increasing at a rapid rate. we can see a growing trend towards having a notebook as a valid desktop replacement

The price of Laptops vary depending upon what you need. One thing that is not good about laptops is that the compact nature of the laptop doesn’t lend it too much flexibility when there is a need to replace any system component. Every person using a Computer wants to upgrade it on regular basis so that the system matches the present requirements. It is very difficult to do thing with laptops. You have to replace the whole laptop but it is not always possible and beneficial for you. The other thing is that the majority of these notebooks will be used running off of their batteries, the trade-off will be either lower performance and extended battery life or minimum battery life and top performance.

Having a notebook with a processor running at 1GHz and a 15” TFT screen might give you bragging rights, but if you only use it to type up some documents or preparing some presentation you feel better with something simpler. The more MHz and the bigger the screen the quicker you’ll be running out of batteries.

In reality you have to compromise in selecting a higher clockspeed processor or bigger screen, but thereby cutting into your battery life. More the features provided by your laptops more is the power requirement and hence battery life decreases.

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