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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Play games without having the need of Graphic Cards

Have you ever tried to play games like Gta Sa on old computers or Crysis on Intel 945 onboard Graphics card? I know that it won't play. And you would have to spend 100 or 200 bucks for just playing games by installing a graphics card. But imagine playing it by just a small software that also freeware (totally free). Yes it's true. There's a software names 3danalyzer that can play almost all the games without the graphics card. It's very easy to setup it and select the options.

You can download it here free of charge.

Extract the rar contents into a folder. Note that do not extract it in the game folder and do not try to play a game by using this software which is on a cd.
After you open it you will find the above image.

Next select your favourite game that you want to run. Here I am selecting EA Sports Cricket 2007.

When you try to open the game without the software and find distorted boxes instead of the text then you have to check the box name "Emulate DXT Textures".

You can see its official guide here.

I don't think there are more software but you can go to google.com and search for more softwares.

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