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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tips to Look 10 Years Younger

Unfortunately, there's no Fountain of Youth. Until it's found we have to rely on simple methods to achieve a more youthful appearance. Don't let your skin, hair and clothing betray your age! There are several ways you can to look and feel younger if you give them a try.

By testing some skin care routines and finding out what works best with your type and complexion you can discover what you should and shouldn't be doing to reduce your pores, even out your tone and look younger. Start with the basics, skin care and make-up.

Maintain Your Skin

You already know that you should be using sunscreen and following a skin care regimen, but do you do it? Learn from other's mistakes. Applying sunscreen and avoiding the sun's strong UV rays are preventive measures that many women don't think of until it's too late. Start today by using a foundation with SPF and you've begun preventing fine lines and wrinkles that you will fret over in just a few short years.
You should determine your skin type and find a moisturizer for the daytime and nighttime hours. It's confusing with all of the products available but don't be reluctant to try a few. Alpha-hydroxy creams can be very effective in reducing fine lines and are easily found over-the-counter.

Eat Healthy

Our bodies don't need the high-calorie foods we ate in our youth. Metabolism slows down as years pass, so it's time to eat healthy and keep indulgences to a minimum.
Your skin, hair and nails will not only look healthier, you'll feel healthier as well. In the process you'll probably shed some unwanted pounds and be able to wear clothes you couldn't imagine wearing before.


Today's society isn't near as uptight. Thanks to fine actresses and models, we're not stuck in a cliché of how we should look at any age. Long or short, you can color your hair and wear it in whatever style you like. Trendy hairstyles can look good on just about anyone as long as it flatters their face. Since hair tends to get darker with age, add some highlights to frame your face.
Updos, ponytails and French braids are youthful styles to try, but they may show some gray hair you'd rather not reveal. To remedy this you can wear these styles after a fresh new application of hair color, use instant color, or learn to live with it. It may not be as noticeable as you think.

Fashion Secrets

You don't have to be a fashion diva to look younger. You can use today's fashion trends to your advantage. It's surprising how many clothing styles can actually flatter the figure of an older woman. Low rise jeans are not only comfortable, they can reduce the appearance of belly bulges. Jeans and shirts in stretchy fabrics such as Lycra give you some slack where you need it the most. If you buy the correct sizes, you can look 10 lbs. lighter.

The latest trends in shoes and accessories are not off-limits to a woman over 30. Shoes that look formidable are actually comfortable if you just try them on. Use jewelry to your advantage and draw the eye away from problem areas. Selective chunky jewelry can make you look more "hip."

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