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Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Ancient Indian Vedic literature favour cow milk as only next best to mother’s milk. Milk and milk products obtained from cow milk were used for Pancha-Amrita and Abhisheke of Beites in religious celebrations because of their unique nutritional and Medicinal value Taittarye Upanishad of Yajuveda.

Cow Milk forms a softer curd in the stomach compared to the buffalo milk and is easier to digest especially in case of small children and elderly person.
Cow milk fat is richer in polyunsaturated fatty acid and meets the nutritional requirements of human beings more effectively.

Cow milk fat is richer in short chain fatty acid which displays a superior antimicrobial activity and inhibits gram negative pathogenic bacteria more effectively than buffalo milk fat.

Buffalo milk fat is richer in saturated and high chain fatty acid which is not considered heavy for persons suffering from heart disease.

Short chain fatty acid of cow milk fat support the growth of desirable micro flora in the intestinal tract, thus importing superior nutritional and therapeutic attributes by cultivating more healthy intestinal micro flora.

Cow milk has higher proportion of erotic acid and a nucleotide associated with the proteose-pepton fraction compared to buffalo milk thus displaying superior cholesterol lowering factors.

Cow milk fat is rich in phospholipids which play a vital role in the development of brain and neurological functions.

Cow milk is richer in Vit-.A being 2,000 IU/100 g compared to that of buffalo milk which has only 900 IU/100 g.

Cow milk fat is richer in Vit-E being 3.5 mg/100 g as compared to that of 2.6 mg/100 g in buffalo milk.

Cow milk proteins have slightly superior biological value and digestibility coefficient compared to that of buffalo milk proteins.

Cow milk contains slightly higher level of lysozyme being 18 ug/100 ml. compared to 15 ug/100 ml. to that of buffalo milk, thus cow milk imparts superior bioprotective factor than buffalo milk.

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