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Friday, July 10, 2009

Lahore , the provincial capital of Panjab

Lahore , the provincial capital of Panjab, is a tourists' heaven. Being the cultural nucleus of Pakistan , it offers visitors and locals alike, a rare treat of architectural splendour, magnificent museums, stunning gardens and colourful festivals. Over the years thousands of tourists have come to Pakistan to witness a multitude of unparalleled attractions. According to legends, Lahore was founded by the son of Lord Rama almost 4000 years ago. From the 16 th to the 18 th century, the city was part of the Mughal Empire and this period saw Lahore reaching to glorious heights. Most of Lahore attractions were built under the patronage of Mughal rulers.

Royal Fort (Shahi Qila)

Centrepiece of Lahore 's Mughal architecture is the Royal Fort or Shahi Qila. Initially constructed by Mahmood of Ghazna and Akbar, the fort has seen many additions and extensions by every succeeding Mughal Emperor, the Sikhs as well as the British. A highlight of this stunning Lahore attraction is the Sheesh Mahal or Palace of Mirrors , featuring a collection of multi-coloured mirrors.

Roshnai Gate Area

Roshnai Gate serves as an entrance to the Walled City . The Badshahi Mosque, one of the world's largest mosques, is located just outside the Northeast corner of the Walled City . Between the mosque and the historic Lahore Fort lies the Hazuri Bagh Garden , featuring a marble pavilion. The Mausoleum of Muhammad Iqbal, the Samadhi of Ranjit Singh and the Shrine of Syed Ali Hajveiri (ra), renowned as Data Ganj Bukhsh, are all located in the garden.

Masti Gate Area

The Masti Gate entrance is situated behind the Lahore Fort and this area is predominantly occupied by shoe vendors. Going further down the street, one comes across one of the city's oldest mosques, the Mosque of Mariyam Zamani, named after the mother of Jahangir.

Bhati Gate Area

Entrance of the Bhati Gate is located on the western wall of the Old City and inside the gate is a popular area for dining in Lahore . The Data Durbar, the mausoleum of the Sufi saint Ali Hajweri (also known as Data Sahib Ganjbaksh) is situated just outside the Bhati Gate and people visiting here on Thursday evenings can witness the performances of Qawwali music.

The Lohari Gate

The Lohari Gate, another work of great architecture in Lahore , is located close to Bhati Gate. It is surrounded by shops. In urdu 'loha' means iron and the gate gets its name because of the blacksmiths (Lohars) who lived outside the gates and had their workshops here.

Delhi Gate Area

Delhi Gate is an entrance on the eastern wall of the Walled City . The Shahi Hammam or 'Royal Baths' are located inside the gate on the left hand side. Further down is the beautiful Wazir Khan Mosque, named after a viceroy of Punjab during the reign of Shah Jahan. The Sonehri Masjid is also located close by.


Located on Mall Road in Lahore , Anarkali is one of the oldest bazaars on the Indian subcontinent. Legend says that when the Mughal Prince Saleem fell in love Anarkali, she was buried alive inside one of the walls of the bazaar, on the command of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Gawal Mandi

Gawal Mandi is home to the Food Street - the centre of authentic Pakistani cuisine. Surrounded by ancient buildings of Kashmiri-Persian architecture and several bazaars, the Food Street is a not-to-be-missed Lahore attraction. Visitors come here to enjoy the delicious Lahore cuisine and linger till late in the night, enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Tomb of Shah Jamal

The tomb of Sufi Saint Baba Shah Jamal is located in Ichhrah, Lahore . The famous Pappu Sain performs at the shrine every Thursday evening. Pappu Sain is a master dhol (Indian drum) player in Pakistan , who has performed in Germany , Switzerland , Britain , and throughout the Muslim world.

The Mausoleum of Bibi Pak Daman

The Bibi Pak Daman mausoleum houses the graves of five ladies from Prophet Muhammad's household (Ahlulbayt).

Parks and Gardens

The Shalimar Gardens , located just five kilometres east of old city, is one of the most popular Lahore attractions. A breathtaking work of art by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan, the garden's exquisite landscape is enclosed within high walls with watchtowers in the corners. The Golden Mosque is situated in the Kashmiri Bazaar inside the garden.

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