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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Use mobile broadband for portability and reliability

Yesterday, when I was using my internet, I was suddenly disconnected from the internet connection. I checked for all the possible reasons and couldn’t find anything near me. So I called my service provider to know if there is any problem with them and they informed me that the internet cables are destroyed beneath the earth due to some reasons and it took 1 day for them to set right everything.

A few months back, the cables under the sea have been cut due to a ship and hence I couldn’t use my internet for a week and there are many fluctuations and frequent disconnection of my internet connection for 1 month due to that. These are a few instances that tell the problems that we face with the usage of internet connection with cable. I was searching to find some alternative to this solution and I found one, i.e., mobile broadband.

Unlike the big cable that runs all the way from your internet service provider to your home, mobile broadband does require only a USB port on your computer to use the internet. The internet service providers use a dongle for providing this service. The dongle receives signals from the nearby towers [the towers of your internet service provider like Vodafone, Orange etc] and provides internet service to you. This is a wireless internet connection with portability – you can take this from one place to another without any hassle. As long as there is a tower in range, you are able to go on the internet. This is a recent technology and hence there are some concerns with the speeds and coverage limits. GPRS, 3G, WIMAX, LTE, EV-DO are some of the methods of providing you this service. Of all 3G is the latest and widely used in present world.

There are two kinds of packages available for to use the wireless internet. You can either pay for 1 MB or you can pay for 1 month instantly and use it without counting your internet usage every time. There are different plans in them depending on the speeds, downloads etc. Dongles can be bought from direct service providers along with the service. Irish users have got more advantage than others as they have the opportunity to use three E160G services - a real alternative to fixed-line broadband, 3's USB modem offers speeds of up to 3.6MBs per second which means less yawning and table tapping - and more doing. This is one more example to show the advancement in the technology is helping to make the life easier and simple. In no time, these dongle will replace the traditional cables.

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