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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Create your own Youtube-type site for free!

Hey everyone at AGeniusBlog.com

I was browsing the web for youtube scripts (to make my own youtube-like site)
Problem was that these scripts didn’t work on most hosts, because It needed this database installed into the server.
A month later (now) I found a great website which allows you to make this for free, no uploading scripts required! This is called Fliggo

Fliggo allows you to build your own video sharing website like Youtube.
Fliggo is extremely easy to use, comes with a host of features and most importantly is free.
You can use Fliggo to create video blogs, private video networks or a niche video site - the choice is yours.
The service is beautifully designed and Fliggo allows you to customize the look and feel of your video site so it can be beautiful too!

So go on and make your site now! It’s free, fun and easy to use!


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