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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Finjan SecureBrowsing is an intuitive browser extension that checks links in search results and websites and warns you of potentially malicious links. Each link is marked as safe (green) or potentially dangerous

It is a free service that proactively alerts you to potential malicious content hiding behind links of search results, ads and other selected web pages. Finjan SecureBrowsing accesses each of the URLs in its current form on the web, and scans the relevant pages in real time using Finjan's patented behavior-based technology. Finjan SecureBrowsing then displays a safety rating next to each link it has scanned.

SecureBrowsing enlightens users to potential threats before they click on search results or other links on web pages, allowing them to explore the web safely. This service empowers the user to make intelligent choices, unleashing the full potential of the web without security worries.

While browsing the web, you come across numerous websites that use Active Content to enhance your web experience and capabilities. Active Content supports capabilities such as changing images when the mouse moves over them, popping up windows, displaying advertisements and supporting advance design elements. However, these capabilities are also used by hackers to change your system settings or even install Spyware applications. Finjan SecureBrowsing alerts you, before you visit these pages, to any potential malicious Active Content. This allows you to benefit from today's wealth of web capabilities without jeopardizing your PC and your private information.

How does it work?

Finjan SecureBrowsing performs real-time code analysis of the current content on each of the rated web pages. Potentially malicious and undesirable behavior is detected, prompting an appropriate indication. Finjan SecureBrowsing detects potentially malicious webpages even if they have never been categorized or blacklisted. It detects potentially malicious code even when it has never been previously exposed, because it scans each and every piece of web content in real-time, regardless of its source.

This software identifies potentially malicious code such as Spyware, hacking code viruses and code that tampers with your PC system settings. Such malicious code can even try to steal your private user name and passwords when you visit your on-line banking website. Finjan SecureBrowsing identifies all of these threats, in real time, by analyzing the behavior of active content that could be used maliciously (such as JavaScript, VB Script, ActiveX and Java applets).


There are two software that provided to you :
Secure Browsing For Internet Explorer and Secure browsing for Firefox Add-Ons. These are available downloaded for free at Finjan Site.

Gives you the highest rate of malicious code detection:
Scans the current form of a page as it available on the Web now, in real-time.
Detects malicious content based on code analysis, rather than using signatures like anti-virus products. Provides the most accurate page safety rating based on the actual page content, rather than database lookup of web address like URL filtering products.

Ensuring your privacy:
Doesn’t track each and every URL you visit.
Doesn’t require your identification details.
Doesn’t install additional programs or change settings of your desktop.

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