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Thursday, June 18, 2009


A password stealer software form ourgodfather that called Yahoo Messenger Password Stealer is known simple and sophisticated in its action. From the name alone We can know the software as Yahoo Messenger password Stealer. This software is very similar to the Yahoo Messenger login page, so users who get stuck will not put a bit leery to use it. If a user enter a their usernames and passwords, then this software will record and automatically saves them in a file called yahpas.txt, located in the C: / yahpas.txt.

We can install Yahoo Messenger Password Stealer on the computer by removing the original Yahoo Messenger icon. Or we install on public computer in the office for general trepan password colleagues and others. Uniquely, anti virus doesn’t detect the software as a virus so it can easily installed on a computer.

Unfortunately, our godfather does not complete the password stolen to stored online via email. If it is there, We will be more comfortable to collect yahoo messenger password.

To avoid from this software reliable, We should be carefully to check the login page of Yahoo Messenger by trying to enter wrong password. If no error message, it means that we should mistrust., For Yahoo Messenger Password Stealer, does not validate the input character and different with the original Yahoo Messenger Login Page.

Download Yahoo Messenger Password Stealer.
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