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Monday, July 20, 2009

Learn to Trade Forex - 5 Simple Yet Powerful Trading Rules

Do you think that forex trading is easy or difficult? If you are like most people, you would feel that forex trading is a risky and difficult financial game.

If you think it this way, how can a game with only two options (buy and sell) be so difficult?

It has lesser commands than your typical Xbox360 game! The reasons why most traders can keep losing money are that they are not following the simple rules that have made the top traders so rich. Now learn to trade forex with these 5 simple and powerful trading rules that the top traders use.

1. Obey the trend or else they will kill you

People say that trends are friends. Well, I would say trends are like wave of tsunami that sweeps anyone away who goes against it. Do not try to trade against trend or you will surely get killed.

Trends are so powerful because they are directed by the majority of the traders. They all have the same opinion where the prices should go. So learn to trade forex by following the trend. It will greatly improve your net profits in the long term.

2. Stick to your trading plan and embed it into your DNA

If trend is like a tsunami wave, a trading plan would be the actions to get you out safety and profitably.

Most traders get confused in the trading market due to the zig zag manner in how the prices move. These are noises in the market and will often interfere with your emotions to trade properly. In this kind of situation, you need to follow your trading plan to keep calm. Learn to trade forex like a robot who only follows the trading plan.

3. Trade with the money you simply do not care

Money is the holy idol of many people. Nothing wrong about that but the temporary loss and gain of it during trading will constantly affect you to trade properly.

If you are having this problem, treat your money as a business inventory instead. It is simply an expendable business inventory that you have to sacrifice to make you more money.In order to do that, you should allocate money that you can afford to lose without any pain. Learn to trade forex without any pain and then you can follow your trading plan faithfully!

4. Trade the currencies that is world is looking

Noise is a killer in forex trading. It causes traders to exit or enter at the wrong time. The noise level in thin currencies is the worse. Big traders can manipulate the currencies easily to hit your stoploss before continuing your intended direction.

We do not want to put ourselves in difficult spot so we only trade the major currencies. These currencies are traded by most the forex traders in the world and thus they follow a steady trend.

Learn to trade forex using the big 5 currencies only: USD/EUR, USD/JPY, USD/GBD, USD/CHF, and EUR/JPY. They have high liquidity as they are traded by the majority of the traders.

5. Make Forex dull and professional

Make forex trading another dull routine of yours. Every day you simply fulfill this routine by following your trading plan.

Excitement and any kind of emotions do not make you any money. They are merely making you ineffective in trading. If you are trading with the money you can lose without any pain, there is absolutely nothing in forex trading that can cause your emotions to go wild.

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